Eligibility requirements:

    To apply for the grant, you must:

    1. Be enrolled in a standard program of studies at a post secondary institution or at a training institute during the application year.

    2. Be in good academic standing and have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 at the school (transcript of previous semester courses is required).

    3. Apprentice students enrolled in AST program, must be working at the qualified new car dealer in BC.

    4. Challenge, audit and credit-free courses are not considered.

    At the time of application, the student must provide a valid proof of enrollment letter from the school confirming that the student is registered with the school.

    Please follow the instructions provided here.

    First Name*:

    Middle Name*:

    Last Name*:

    Home Address*:


    Postal Code*:

    E-mail Address*:

    Phone Number*:

    Birth Date (yyyy-mm-dd)*:

    Are you a Canadian Citizen:

    Are you a resident of BC:

    If you are attending High School please provide:

    Name of School:


    Post Secondary Institution you are or will be attending:

    Name of School:


    Program / Course of Study:

    Nature and Length of the Program:



    Month & Duration:

    Are you planning to revieve Red Seal?YesNo

    Employer Dealership Name:

    Date of Enrollment*:

    Expected Graduation Date*:

    Please upload the following required document:

    1. Proof of enrollment

    Please upload the following required document:

    1. Transcript of past education - upload the transcript from your last semester of studies or previous course level or a secondary school transcript if it's your first year in college.

    Grant funding assists students with tuition, tools, or both. Are you applying for funds to be used towards:
    TuitionToolsBoth tuition and tools

    Please answer all of the following:

    1. What organizations, clubs, community service, sports and/or volunteer work you have been involved in?*

    2. Do you have any previous automotive certifications or training?*

    3. Please list any present reference you have to the automotive business.*

    4. What do you find most interesting about the automotive industry?*

    5. Why do you believe you would be a good candidate for a CarCareer BC Education grant? State
      your goals.*

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